jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Inner Journey - Heriberto Mora solo exhibition‏

From Dec. 10th 2011 to Jan. 28th 2012, Kelley Roy Gallery will showcase “Inner Journey”, a solo exhibition by renowned Miami artist, Heriberto Mora

These days, everyone talks about the economic crisis, and we all look for solutions, for signs of a way out.

But the true crisis is a human one; the economic crisis is just a product of it. And the solution is hidden within each one of us. Crises are nothing more than states of change, destined to evolve.

Timed to coincide with Art Basel 2011, “Inner Journey” is an invitation for introspection to achieve that evolution; an invitation to take the inner journey beyond our fences, hidden conventionalities, fears, beliefs and vanities.

Opening reception with the presence of the artist.

Saturday, December 10th
5 pm to 10 pm

Kelley Roy Gallery


50 NE 29TH ST. MIAMI, FL 33137

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