martes, 27 de abril de 2010

Este jueves en el Centro Cultural Español: Interiores, de Heriberto Mora


START DATE: 04-29-2010
END DATE: 05-20-2010

Thursday, April 29 / 2010. 7pm.

Program for the promotion of local creativity

Interiores by Heriberto Mora and photographies by Juan Carlos Mirabal.

At CCE Miami l Free Admission

Heriberto Mora was born in Havana, Cuba in 1965. In 1987 he graduated from the "Fine Arts School of San Alejandro", Havana, Cuba

In 1992 he went to Spain and after that, in 1993, he established in Florida.

The central theme of his work is the human being, its ongoing spiritual quest, and its interaction with the environment. His paintings are a reflection of the tension between the spiritual and material world, between the visible and invisible reality.

Mora has shown his work in art galleries in Florida, New York, North Carolina, Spain, Dominican Republic, Panamá and Puerto Rico, among others.

One can find Mora’s work in the collections of Nassau County Museum of Art, New York; Lowe Art Museum, Miami; Frost Art Museum, Miami, and at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art.

Some of his works belong to private collections in Madrid, Paris, New York, Bogota, Miami, Washington, Caracas, Buenos Aires, México, Panamá and San Juan. Mora has painted three works for a Hollywood film entitled “Curdled”, dated 2004.

At the present he lives and works in Miami, Florida

Juan Carlos Mirabal was born in Habana, Cuba, 1964. A Self-Taught Photographer.

From a young age he has been captivated by the arts, with later incursions into Theater and Poetry. A few cameras passed through his hands in Habana during 1980’s. Attracted by light, shadow and mysteries of love and hate in everyday life, Juan Carlos Mirabal found his vocation and commenced his journey as an independent photographer.

As a good friend, Julio Fowler stated: “He commences poetry with images, bringing forth light to the eyes, Revealing what was once concealed.”

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Rolandojorge1955 dijo...

fui y no me arrepiento, muy buena pincha la de estos dos artistas.

julio dijo...

Fui, y me cuadró mucho.No había visto una muestra así en esta ciudad. Felicidades para ellos