miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

Este viernes: Exposición de Heriberto Mora en la Alianza Francesa

Friday, September 17 | 7.00 pm | Exhibition | AF de Miami

Heriberto Mora exhibits at the Alliance Française
Opening reception Friday, September 17, 7.00 pm
with the presence of the artist. (Press release)
(Galerie Carré Rouge - 618 SW 8th Street - Miami, FL 33130)
From September 17 to October 8.

THE HOME, solo exhibition
"For me, The Home is that intangible atmosphere that fills the physical space in wich we live. This showing is a path through The Home and each painting, a window opened into it. Beyond its geographical location, I find that The Home is where Love is".
Heriberto Mora


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